Good things come to those who wait

Bruno 2

On 14th June it was exactly one year since my ordination and, as I look back, I remember all the years that I spent as a Christian learning to discern what God wanted from me and then the leap in the dark…except that it was not that dark. In fact there was light! I followed the Light that called me out of the ways of the world and into a life of peace. That Light was and is Christ our Lord.

The Hub

For two thousand years people have been fascinated by the person of Jesus. He has inspired ordinary individuals and leaders of empires. He has been interpreted, followed, argued over and worshipped all over the world. Even our calendar is organised around his birth.


Here at Wroxham & Hoveton URC, we strive for everything we do to be focussed on the person of Jesus. We believe that through his death and resurrection, we can have a relationship with God and that Jesus is with us today through the Holy Spirit.