Other seeds fell on good soil…  

Bruno 1These days we hear a lot of people saying how membership in the churches is shrinking and that faith and worship are becoming irrelevant in this world. I totally disagree with both statements. Yes, it is true that some churches are shrinking (I thank God that we are experiencing growth and stability) but I believe that if we Christians truly commit ourselves to God and obey his commands and keep on praying earnestly for our people, the Lord our God will bless us and will bring to us those who need to hear His Word, feel His love, experience His Spirit. There are so many that do not know God’s love in this world. Our mission is to find them and let them know of our hope in Christ.

The Hub

For two thousand years people have been fascinated by the person of Jesus. He has inspired ordinary individuals and leaders of empires. He has been interpreted, followed, argued over and worshipped all over the world. Even our calendar is organised around his birth.


Here at Wroxham & Hoveton URC, we strive for everything we do to be focussed on the person of Jesus. We believe that through his death and resurrection, we can have a relationship with God and that Jesus is with us today through the Holy Spirit.