Dear Friends,Autumn trees


“Autumn, season of mists and mellow fruitfulness,” (John Keats)


I find beauty in each of the seasons of the year, particularly autumn.  Some people believe that the season of one’s birth holds a life-long attraction.  John Keats was born on the 31st October 1795.  I share the month of his birth although not quite the year... Sister Carmel, a friend from chaplaincy days, attributed my deep love of animals and nature to my birthday being close to the feast day of St Francis of Assisi. I love to touch the earliest new-born leaves of trees in spring, marvel at the beautiful colours of their autumnal display and find the sight of winter bare trees silhouetted against the setting sun deeply moving.  All of creation speaks to me of the love of our Creator God.


Katrina Crosby’s meditational prayer, “God of Autumn” wonderfully expresses my thoughts.  (The use of italics is mine)


“God of autumn, help us to be more like nature, accepting the changing seasons, like the changing of the trees:

Not a dying as life sometimes feels, but a stripping bare in preparation for inner growth,

Knowing that to shed the outer layers will reveal the strength that is hidden underneath.

God of autumn, it’s so hard to let things go: the shields, the camouflage, the flimsy covers...

We cannot hide from You; You are our strength,

You see our inner beauty

You see beyond the human dressings, and wish to clothe us with Your love.

God of autumn, help us to be more like nature,

accepting the changing seasons

Not because they are out of control,

But because they are in Your hands.”

May you enjoy all that autumn has to offer and thank our wonderful Creator God for His many gifts.


God bless you,