Who is responsible?

Bruno 3There is a great misunderstanding in the world today. People often blame God for all the bad things that happen in the world. Indeed, we live in a society where most people find it harder and harder to take responsibility for things and events, and want to blame others for all those things that go wrong.


Our television channels are often financed by advertising of companies who invite you to claim monetary compensation for things that happened to us. Therefore, it is natural that humankind wants to blame God for all the things that go wrong in the world.

I feel that this blindness of our times is caused by two factors. The first one is a worrying lack of knowledge of the word of God. Jesus calls the devil “the prince of this world” indicating that the evil one has been allowed to roam free across the earth and make humans miserable. But who allowed him to roam free? We have. When we severed our relationship with our Maker, we enslaved humankind to sin. We chose the creature over the Creator. This brings us to the second factor: we are responsible for the corruption of nature, of our nature and our failings.

There was a sketch on a newspaper once that portrayed a man praying “Dear God, why to do allow so much evil in the world?” and God replied: “That’s funny. I was just about to ask you the same question!”

Living a life thinking that everything is okay is not a feasible option. We need to recognise that humankind needs to be saved from itself. But who can save us from these corrupted ways of the world? Who can bring us back to joy, happiness, hope, peace?

There is only one man who can do this. Jesus Christ. Our Lord and Saviour who, by his blood, has made it possible for us to find the way back home where everything will be fine and joy will rest in our hearts for ever. John Stott once said that we will only start to understand the cross as something done for us when we understand that the cross was something done by us.         

                                                                            Rev. Bruno Boldrini