Church Prayer Time, at The Hub



Does a prayer meeting sound boring?  Does it sound a little threatening?  Perhaps you think it might be embarrassing and put you ‘on the spot’?  

The Bible tells us that ‘we don’t receive (from God) because we don’t ask.  Jesus taught us to get together and ask him for things.  I’m sure that most, if not all of us, pray individually, but God wants us to get together and ask him corporately.  He’s a great God, who gives generously ‘more than we can ask or think’, according to the Bible.  So we get together every Monday afternoon at 2 pm to spend time with God in prayer, asking his blessing on the church, on individuals, on the world – anything.  It’s a time of experiencing the presence of God, and the time passes all too quickly.  We’re excited when we see answers to our prayers, as well; it encourages us to ask God for even bigger things.

If you’ve never come to a prayer meeting before, don’t be put off.  Some of us find it harder than others to pray aloud – I’ve always found it difficult, until God met with me in a new way last year and I suddenly found I could pray out loud – after over 50 years of being a Christian.  If He did it for me, he can do it for you.  If you’re not comfortable praying out loud, you can still agree with other people’s prayers with your Amen at the end; that counts with God.

So come along on Monday afternoons, and we’ll seek God together, and as he answers our prayers, you’ll be encouraged all the more as you see God at work!  
What do YOU want God to do?  In your life?  In the life of your family?  In the church?  In the world?  He’s waiting for you to ask him.  He’s waiting for US as a church  to ask him!

See you on Monday at 2 pm?