Shawl_ministryThis little group of 9 is flourishing and we have now given 16 shawls – mostly to our Church family and friends.  We hope, in time, to send some to a hospice or care home.  More knitters would be welcome, it can be done at home and the wool for a shawl costs  £2.50, BUT they must be given as a gift and the special prayer included:

Prayer Shawl Prayer
This prayer is given out with every shawl:
Please receive  this shawl. Wrap it around you.
May this shawl be for you 
A mantle of security and well being...
Sustaining and embracing you 
In good times and difficult ones.
May it bring you comfort
From all that appears too much to bear
From all that feels as if it might break you
From all that threatens your peace of heart.
Rest within its softness
So that you will be cradled in hope,
Kept in joy, 
Graced with peace
And wrapped in God’s love


What could be better on a winter’s evening  than knitting a prayer or two  into a shawl?  We meet on the 1st Tuesday of the month.