The annual Jam outing took place earlier in the summer at the Dinosaur Park which I must say had changed rather a lot since the last time I was there (over 20 years ago) The day began with the children running around the rather extensive play area, whilst Chris, Joyce and myself tried to frantically keep track of them all. Throughout the course of the day the children enjoyed hunting for the various stamps that they had to collect, each representing the different dinosaurs they saw along the trail in order to receive their Dinosaur Medal at the end. As well as the dinosaur trail there were large slides, a digging for bones area and mini go karts which were a huge hit with all of the children. The day concluded with most of the children hitting the splash zone which on a rather chilly July day seemed a crazy option but they loved it!! 

Sadly, not all the children from JAM could attend due to holidays and other commitments but I think it is safe to say, those who attended had a fantastic time. 

We are looking forward to seeing all the children start back with us at JAM in September.