1. What is prayer?  
    Ask for ideas
    Is it just asking?  – ACTS can be a useful framework

    • (Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, Supplication)

1. How do we start? – what should our attitude be

2. This leads us into ADORATION.

  1. God is too big for us to take everything in.  It may help if we focus our mind on certain aspects of his attributes - who he is and what he is like
  2. What in God’s character leads you to expect him to answer your specific prayer?

    Acts 4.24-30 – sovereignty, foreknowledge, his name, his purposes, his glory
          . Tell him – praise him for it
          . Thank him for what he has done in similar situations in the past
    • Why isn’t this flattery?  Why is it important?  
      .  Our confidence is based upon it
      .  This is WHY God acts as he does – he always acts in character
      .  This will build our faith up
    • Consider in the light of the above
      .  Eph.3.14-21.  ‘For this reason’ – what reason?  (see 3.1, and previous verses)
      .  Phil. 1.3-8

3. Confession

4. Tell him what you want to ask - Supplication

 5 Thank him for answers to previous prayers

          .  Rom 8.28
          .  1 Cor.10.13

   .  2 Cor.1.3-11

   .  Eph.1.11  

   .  Eph.1.6,14 it’s about being ‘to the praise of his glory’ – not our own comfort cf. Eph 3.10

   .  Phil.1.12-14;

   .  Heb.12.11

 6. What does it mean to pray in Jesus name?


 2 Cor.1.20

 John 14.13


           Why do we say ‘Amen’?


        1 Cor. 14.16

Still to come…
Where can I pray?
When do I pray?
Why doesn’t God answer my  prayer?
Can I ask God for anything?
How long do I keep asking for something?
How can we ask confidently?
What if we don’t pray?
What can I pray for? – a few suggestions
What else will help me?